Monday, August 15, 2011

Bikini Body Journey

So I wanted to show off some pictures of my progress and weight loss I've experienced in the last few months! It's been pretty awesome to track changes thru pictures! I'm working on a rock hard body with a CRAZY diet right now so more pics in like 2 weeks SO GET EXCITED!!! Here we go!


Not gonna lie. I'm really proud of my progress! I put these up on Facebook and got the CRAZIEST responses. 
Friends all asking me to train them and what me secret is and what secret diet I've been on... here's the secret...

Sticking to the food pyramid.
15 grams of protein per meal.
6 small meals a day.
(alternating a lot of different types of work outs INCLUDING STRENGTH TRAINING!) 
  There it is people. It's not impossible! Just forget the QUICKIE DIETS and those magic pills. It all just takes time and a few little changes. Everything you learned in your school health class is pretty much all correct! SO DO IT!
i love you all! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The beginning of the end.

It's been over a year since I've started teaching Zumba, and so far there have been so many blessings and great opportunities I've had in teaching at high schools, and being in parades and meeting people along the way that have gotten me amazing jobs doing the best job anyone could ask for.

I was just hired to teach Zumba at BYU! Monday and Wednesday nights at 6 pm.

and with THAT the sad news.

Because of this new amazing opportunity, I will be dropping my night classes at Beyond Sports Taekwondo, or my Lindon class.
I've been there since last June and all the people there have been AMAZING. Taralyn Sorenson is the most amazing/inspiring woman you'll meet. Working with her and her daughter Whitnee has been amazing. They've put up with my craziness and they've helped so much to keep me in business when my classes were an EPIC FAIL.   They've given me advice and have motivated me when I'd have a hard time and when I needed help with ANYTHING, they've always helped me. 
All the people that work or attend that taekwondo studio have been so amazing and i'm so grateful for the friendships I've made with all those there. 

Hopefully we'll have more parties there or we'll be able to bring it back later in the year or next year. 
Beyond Sports has been my safe place.. MY corner to just be ME and to meet friends and people who have also inspired me to be better in every way. I love all of you and hope that you'll be able to join me at the PG Rec or anywhere else i get to teach cause it's all you that have made my experience there worth while.

Lets make this a great last month! Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8 pm.
Your first time is STILL free.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i can't believe...

That so many people have been actually READING my blog? That's so amazing to me! I got the most amazing feeling when I found the tab that let me read comments! Haha! How did I never see that!?

SOOO many blonde moments!

So I'm at work and have started watching the Bachelorette. I'm not gonna lie. Even tho I'll probably never admit it, I LOVE reality shows. Embarrassing! The Biggest Loser is what started me on this Reality show thing. I've been watching them since, and honestly I accredit a lot my my weight loss to the Biggest Loser. Why? Because I think it was total Motivation to never gain weight like that.
My brother, Erik found this app called FatBooth hahah! It's the worst app ever. It's hilarious, but it totally woke me up to the reality of what I'd look like if I gave up on my health and fitness.

This is the worst thing I've ever seen. I thought it was funny for a bit, but the more i see it, the more i wonder is, if i continued gaining weight after i got married, or if I didn't turn around in January and start eating better and working out, would this be what I would be heading to? 

It's crazy to think that not only are we losing weight when we eat right and stuff, but when you count how much weight you COULD have gained? I was gradually gaining like 3 lbs a week... 
So that's like 26 weeks or something? 
26 x 3 lbs = 78... 78 potential lbs... so I'd be almost 200 lbs...  
I COULD have looked like this...

So when you look at how great you look and how much you've lost in these last months, don't only count the numbers you've lost.. but add in the numbers of how much you COULD have gained with it.  
Makes you feel even SKINNIER!

Back to the Bachlelorette, Bentley's a douche, and She needs to get over him. She's surrounded by hotties and has no reason to be sad over Bentley cause she knew from day 1 he was there for the wrong reasons...

anyway, I LOVE YOU ALL! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When I'm Rich...

I will have a HUGE HOUSE with all the below...

  • A HUGE garage for Scott and his Projects and all our collectible cars.
  • A gym like the one on Biggest Loser or at 24 Hour Fitness for me and all my friends and family.
  • A craft room.. in case I ever decide to ever become a crafty lady.
  • Large Jetted Tub in the master bathroom
  • Also a fancy bathroom like the one on The Blindeside.
  • HUGE bedroom with a closet like Hugh Grant has in 2 Weeks Notice
  • Heated outdoor Pool also with a hot tub on the side
  • Aerobics room for Zumba Purposes
  • Sweet Jungle gym/ropes course, and batting cages for the kids
  • The beach as my back yard...
And that's it for now i


Monday, June 13, 2011

Do it.

If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse. - Jim Rohn

Awesome quote right?
I like this because I was actually thinking about it today. So many of us complain and complain about things. Example- Our weight.
Haha, as an instructor I see this a TON. There's nothing wrong with complaining, as long as you work to change it or work to gain it. Have you ever seen friends on facebook say somethin like
"no matter what, I'll never lose this weight!"
so what do we do? OFFER HELP!
"I go walking every morning you should come!"
when they respond "actually i don't wanna walk. i don't like excercise and i don't wanna limit myself with a diet."

Uhhh, so don't whine if you're not willing to work for results! haha
Congrats to all of you that want something, and find a way to obtain it! Lets all try a little harder to pick a goal and find every way to obtain it! Whether it's in your physical goals or school or anything! Mine this year is to  train to run a half Marathon next year cause i STINK at running hahaha so I'm hoping to improve on that!
What are your goals?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's all about attitude.

Today's topic is based on my experiences in this last week.

I've been really frustrated for a while, and this doesn't have anything to do with dieting or exercise, but it affects it in a way I guess.

This week, I had a realization. No matter how much you try and try, somethings you just never get the way you want.

My experience:
I've been having a hard time with someone i know. 
Have you ever worked really hard to try and like someone or something so bad that you do all you can to be extra nice or extra considerate but they really don't care? Still, they complain that "You just don't like me huh?".

Lesson about me.
I hate drama. Also, I can't stand a bad attitude.

I guess this is the first time I'm using my blog to complain, and I'm sorry. Its been a rough week. 
You're probably still confused about what i'm saying or just wanting me to explain or tell the story.
Get to the point Andrea...

So I met someone that I haven't liked since day one. Ask anyone- I've never felt like that toward anyone and I've always been a pretty open minded person.. but this time i don't know why it was different.
I told the husband i didn't approve of this someone. "Give them a chance, you're always so judgmental"  
which, no I really don't think i am.. :/ Let me know if you think i'm wrong too tho...
So i play nice. I invite them to everything. and i mean EVERYTHING.
no go.
I help them out when they're having a hard time once and for a minute i thought "hey, maybe i WAS wrong about you."
The next time i see them, i try to talk like we did that one hard day.. and i'm wrong again.
"just kidding. i knew it was too good to be true."
I try again.
I invite you to more. you say next time or something.
another excuse.
I throw you a party i really didn't have to plan or spend money on. 
No worries tho. i didn't expect you come anyway.

 I guess I really don't need to be as nice to you as i have been.
I was right about you since the beginning. 

Readers, I'm not a bitter person. hahaha even tho that statement probably really made me look like i am. I love everyone or i wouldn't have tried so hard to befriend that person if i didnt. I have the rest of you that actually like being with me and all you that are my real friends.
That's the only way i've been able to keep going forward with a good attitude. it's all you that make my days worth it and no matter how frustrated i get, you've always been there to give me a smile or high five. Attitude is everything. You've all helped me keep that. No matter what happens, who hurts you, or anything else that's negative, keep your head up. 
It gets better.
plus, all those that you're nice to and don't like you back just gains you double the heaven points- which we all like.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Needs New...

  1. Zumba Clothes.
  2. Zumba Shoes (Nike Dunks).
  3. Normal Shoes.
  4. Normal Clothes.
  5. A Zumba Onsie for Yogi.
  6. Music.
  7. Choreography
Uh.. I think that's pretty much it...

I just need new! It's about time to start new! I figure that the more often I start over on projects and other things around me I get double the motivation. I get double the energy and TRIPLE the drive to do it all. I need to start again.
I was super frustrated these last couple weeks cause I've hit yet another Plateau on my journey to a rockin bod so here's where I get in trouble.
My problem is, when I'm frustrated with something, I either drop whatever I was doing and never look back, or, I obsess over it and almost make it an addiction. There's never been an in between for me. Never.
So of course I don't want to give up now that I'm so close to my Rockin' Bod.
 Instead I train harder.
Lift Heavier
Sweat More
and go so far as to pushing myself to do at LEAST 3-4 hours a DAY of working out just to FEEL SOMETHING. Just to feel like i worked out. To feel a burn. To feel SORE.
After a week of working out like this i called my favorite trainer- DAD.
He told me I was being dumb for doing all this to my body and explained that I'm simply OverTraining.

For all you who are feeling the same, here are the symptoms according to my Personal Training Study book of Over Training.

Sudden drop in performance



•Decrease in training capacity / intensity

Moodiness and irritability


•Loss of enthusiasm for the sport

•Decreased appetite

A compulsive need to exercise

So there you have it ma friends. It IS possible to overwork to the point of your body really just giving up so you don't go on anymore. I realized that my body needs a break, therefore my dad told me to not work out at all for at least Friday thru today, even tho I Kind of broke the rule and worked out today. But that's just what happens. Results of Over Training are, a Hult in Performance, Fat Gain, and so many more NO ONE WANTS!
If you think you're not getting the results you should be getting look at your routine, if you notice you're looking heavier the more you workout or your fat percentage has increased, step back and workout less. do a half time workout with twice or more the weight with half the sets/reps, or give it 3-5 days before your next workout.
Give your body a break!

Love you all!