Monday, August 15, 2011

Bikini Body Journey

So I wanted to show off some pictures of my progress and weight loss I've experienced in the last few months! It's been pretty awesome to track changes thru pictures! I'm working on a rock hard body with a CRAZY diet right now so more pics in like 2 weeks SO GET EXCITED!!! Here we go!


Not gonna lie. I'm really proud of my progress! I put these up on Facebook and got the CRAZIEST responses. 
Friends all asking me to train them and what me secret is and what secret diet I've been on... here's the secret...

Sticking to the food pyramid.
15 grams of protein per meal.
6 small meals a day.
(alternating a lot of different types of work outs INCLUDING STRENGTH TRAINING!) 
  There it is people. It's not impossible! Just forget the QUICKIE DIETS and those magic pills. It all just takes time and a few little changes. Everything you learned in your school health class is pretty much all correct! SO DO IT!
i love you all! 

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